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Drill Force New Zealand Ltd is a multi-disciplined mobile drilling company which delivers unparalleled quality and services throughout New Zealand. With our modern fleet of Hydraulic and Table drive multipurpose drilling rigs, support equipment and experienced personnel we provide cost effective, professional drilling related services in the Water Well, Geotechnical, Environmental, Construction, Seismic, Exploration, Coal and CBM markets.

Latest News

Safety Cases
Drill Force is pleased to announce that it now has two drilling rigs that have current Work Safe New Zealand High Hazard Approved Safety Cases in accordance to the Health and Safety in Employment (Petroleum Exploration and Extraction) Regulations 2013. read more >
Asset Acquisition
Drill Force are pleased to announce that we have recently acquired a 8 ton push rig that is capable of doing hollow stem augers, solid augers, CPTs, DMT and sDMT.
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Multi-purpose Push Rig

Drill Force is pleased to announce that it has a multi-purpose CPT rig, our push rig has been mounted on to a Marooka crawler base so that it is self weight and does not need to be screwed down to get a suitable reaction force. The new configuration means we have the capability of being able to undertake CPTs in a variety of different locations from test positions that are on sealed pavement to those that have narrow access restrictions. The push rig can be easily detached from the crawler base and off loaded. Check out our website for more details regarding the CPT rig 

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Drill Force is pleased to announce that it has just been re-assessed for the ACC Workplace Safety Management Practice (WSMP) certification and it as been recertified with tertary level.Drill Force first gained tertiary level ACC WSMP in 2014.

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Meet Our Team

 The industries best drillers in today’s competitive drilling market. read more >

Sector Profiles

Check out our latest sector profiles for Geotechnical and Environmental, and Water Well. read more >