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Drill Force New Zealand Ltd is a multi-disciplined mobile drilling company which delivers unparalleled quality and services throughout New Zealand. With our modern fleet of Hydraulic and Table drive multipurpose drilling rigs, support equipment and experienced personnel we provide cost effective, professional drilling related services in the Water Well, Geotechnical, Environmental, Construction, Seismic, Exploration, Coal and CBM markets.

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Irrigation, domestic, municipal supply, farm supply, existing well repair/cleaning,  pump testing.

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Geotech & Construction

Wire line coring, CPT/DMT/sDMT, formation and permeability testing, instrumentation, environmental.

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Seismic shot hole drilling services.  Tractor, truck portable, helicopter capable drill rigs for a range of terrain.

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Hard rock mineral exploration, grade control, coal exploration and quality.

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Oil and gas, pre collar and surface casing setting, geothermal drilling.

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Drilling Methods

Rotary Wash Drill, Rotary Air Blast, Down Hole Hammer, Reverse Circulation DTH, Blade or Tri-cone Roller, Wire Line Coring, Auger.

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Health and Safety


Drill Force has an abundance of diversified drilling rigs and ancillary equipment suitable for Water, Geotechnical, Seismic, Minerals, Energy and Environmental projects. We are able to provide the most suitable drilling rig for your particular project, be it a land based, barge mounted options, small spaces or difficult angles, difficult access, helicopter portable.

Drilling Rigs

Drill Force has made a conscientious decision to enter the New Zealand drilling contracting market using only high quality modern multipurpose drilling rigs, ancilliary equipment, testing and down hole tooling.

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Drill bits, carbide (NQ-HQ-PQ sizes), systems and down hole equipment, geotechnical testing equipment...

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Push Rig

Drill Force can provide in-house CPT, DMT and sDMT testing servies using a modern "best in industry" down-hole and recording tooling and equipment.

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Ancillary Equipment

Multi wheel drive heavy duty trucks, light support vehicles and trailers, pumps, compressors, drilling fluid recirculation equipment, drilling fluid mixing equipment, drilling fluid testing equipment, casing...

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